England 20-0 Latvia | Record Breaking Lionesses Hit TWENTY Past Latvia! | Highlights

The Lionesses recorded their biggest ever competitive victory after scoring TWENTY against Latvia! Ellen White became the Lionesses’ record goalscorer with a hat trick. Lauren Hemp scored four, Beth Mead and Alessia Russo grabbed hat tricks, while Ella Toone, Georgia Stanway, Jess Carter, Beth England, Jill Scott and Jordan Nobbs also got their names on the scoresheet.

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22 comentarios en “England 20-0 Latvia | Record Breaking Lionesses Hit TWENTY Past Latvia! | Highlights

  1. If this was a men's game the winning team would have stopped trying to mindlessly and sadistically pump the net at 10 goals, and instead focused on impressing the crowd, having fun and showing off their skills. Is it me or does this show that women are actually more ruthless than men when they are on top?

  2. I love how on goal 19 the commentator is still as excitable and electric as when the first one went in

  3. The keeper is the last line of defense, so if the defenders cannot do their job, no one can blame the goalie! Blame all the ladies who scored, what a great win!

  4. To those complaining about the quality of women's football, how and why is Andorra, Gibraltar and San Marino losing often with similar scorelines in Men's World Cup qualifiers or Men's Euro qualifiers any better (or less worse) than when it happens in women's football?

  5. Lauren Hemp thank goodness she plays for England. Every so often a true superstar arrives…. take a bow Lauren Hemp

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