Los últimos momentos de Zinedine Zidane como futbolista | Tarjeta roja contra Italia en la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Alemania 2006™

Mira los momentos finales de la leyenda francesa Zinedine Zidane como futbolista cuando su carrera termina en un clímax explosivo luego de una dramática tarjeta roja después de un cabezazo al jugador italiano Marco Materazzi durante la final de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2006. Lo mejor de Zinedine Zidane | Copa Mundial de la FIFA: Copa Mundial de la FIFA | Contenido original: Alemania 2006 | Copa Mundial de la FIFA: Suscríbete para ver el contenido original más reciente: Las mejores historias de la #FIFAWorldCup: Obtén tu relleno de fútbol de la FIFA: 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 #FIFAWorldCup

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42 comentarios en “Los últimos momentos de Zinedine Zidane como futbolista | Tarjeta roja contra Italia en la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Alemania 2006™

  1. The player who got headbutted is immoral. He mentioned Zeidan's mother and said he wants his sister on his shirt. This is an insult to Muslims and Arab people. Women are red lines to Muslim men and Arabs in general. They should be highly protected and honored.

  2. Will Smith did a similar thing a few months ago at the Oscars to punish a man guilty of having "offended his wife". More or less everyone found it an idiotic, if not despicable, gesture, and the man was kicked out of the Academy having to apologise publicly. And let's be honest, he made an embarrassing spectacle of himself. Yet even after 16 years more or less everyone finds Zidane's headbutt totally justified, because "how dare you offend my sister". The world is funny.

  3. The great Italian team with Pirlo, Del Piero, Totti, Cannavaro, Buffon, etc need Zidane sent off to win the game.

    Speaking of how great Zidane as a player.

  4. And what said before Marco materazi. Zidane won on the court. Everybody who wants to know the truth knows what actually happens. I don't like the Titel here, but fifa is fifa.
    Best gamemaker in the history of football – Zidane

  5. "After the third clash, I frowned and he retorted: 'I'll give you my shirt later'. I replied that I'd rather have his sister than his shirt"

  6. Pensou que iria jogar contra uma seleção pipoqueira igual do Brasil né… Aí pegou um time com marcação ferrada, complicou e perdeu o controle

  7. Zidane started to provoke Materazzi by telling him "do you want the shirt ?? if you want I'll give it to you autographed after the match" .. anyone instead of Materazzi would have answered him with another provocation, have you ever played football?

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