Refugiado ucraniano de 12 años recibe cálida bienvenida de nuevos compañeros de clase

Después de huir miles de kilómetros para escapar de la destrucción en Ucrania, una niña de 12 años recibe una cálida bienvenida de sus nuevos compañeros de clase en Nueva Jersey. » Suscríbase a MSNBC: Acerca de: MSNBC es el principal destino para el análisis en profundidad de los titulares diarios, comentarios políticos perspicaces y perspectivas informadas. MSNBC, que llega a más de 95 millones de hogares en todo el mundo, ofrece una programación completa de cobertura de noticias en vivo, opiniones políticas y programación de documentales galardonados, las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana. Conéctese con MSNBC en línea Visite suscríbase al boletín informativo de MSNBC: Encuentre MSNBC en Facebook: siga a MSNBC en Twitter: siga a MSNBC en Instagram: #MSNBC #Ukraine #Refugee

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46 comentarios en “Refugiado ucraniano de 12 años recibe cálida bienvenida de nuevos compañeros de clase

  1. As someone who was born in Ukraine. This is the most beautiful thing I've see. This is such a strong message that no words can explain

  2. How two-faced. First, destroy the power in the country, then set it on a Russian bear, then give loans, then sell weapons for these loans, and then admire yourself by accepting refugees. And at this time, steal Ukrainian grain in European storage.

  3. Where was your warm welcome to the Christian refugees fleeing Saddam's Iraq, Clinton's sanctions, Bush's war, & Obama's letting ISIS roam the land? So many of us made it to Greece on foot!!! Some died there because the mighty US, Britain, Vatican, Germany, France didn't step up to help us you bloody hypocrites.

  4. Intel the get into the crime infested U.S. neighborhoods and the schools, I bet most will want to return, when its all over, the honey moon will end

  5. I bet if a Russian refugee kid goes to that school they wouldn’t do that but hold signs that said go home

  6. "Heartwarming stories" to manipulate.
    Talk about the Azov Battalion within Ukraine, the ones responsible for the shelling and killing of Ukrainians since 2014.
    Go Russia. 🇷🇺

  7. Hypocrites! Other countries have been struggling like Ethiopia, Yemen, Palestinians yet not a single comment for them.

  8. Why don't they put up the Russian flag, if they are going to write their welcome signs in Russian. The official
    language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. Or, is that too much for Americans to comprehend.

  9. Why are they being greeted in with signs written in the Russian language ? All kids in Ukraine are educated in the langauge of their country – it was and is the law. This is a continuation of Russian chauvmism on US territory. Continued disrespect for all things Ukrainian.

  10. I have one single question: why the text on the poster is in Russian? That’s offensive, we have our own unique, completely different language

  11. If this is not racism then what is it…how many Syrian refugees kids and afghan kids left their country because of US bombardment…none of them were welcome like this as much Ukrainian kids…I learned racism from white people …

  12. Due to war being sacred. Why not lock them into the war zone like syrians? Build a wall. These aren't their best.

  13. Beautiful welcome…bravo. I am English but live in Romania and I have been to the Siret border crossing where she came through, to drop off nappies for babies and I am actually heading off again tomorrow to two other crossings. We have 500,000 come through Romania now and the response has been awesome here, same as in Poland and Moldova. Its an absolute apocalypse now in parts of Ukraine and in 2022 this should not have happened and it needs to end. So well done again to those kids for the welcome, this war has torn families apart, please keep supporting Ukraine and her people. Slava Ukraini!

  14. The sacrifice and courage for the Ukrainian men and women fighting on the frontlines. Sending mothers and children away while they fight for their freedom, deserved the word admiration. Slava Ukraini!

  15. Bless her! And what a harrowing story, the family friend banging on the train so hard his hands bled just to get her out of there. My gosh.

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