España actualización día 229 – ¿Hora de cerrar la tienda?

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  1. I have a question to the Spaniards. Are your society divided in the 2 groups – maskers and non masker (people who believe that the covid is dangerous and the ones who don't)? Here in eastern europe we (the non maskers) are starting to become the majority.

  2. If a lockdown is effective, why are we having more of them?
    If a lockdown isn't effective, why are we having more of them?

  3. If you think your masters give a hoot about you and Christmas forget it, they are out to destroy every pleasure you enjoy. To them you are just a number to be deleted at their will.

  4. With so little social interaction available the comment section is important. Thank you for your interesting updates. Wearing a mask while sitting down to eat…crazy times.

  5. I've just seen that the WHO are saying that there are massive rises in the "second wave". There is NO second wave of this "virus" it is a continuation of what was already there. There is no massive rises in numbers either, it's simply that more people are being tested so its obvious that "statistics" are going to rise enormously. The WHO are going to string out this pandemic for as long as they can to glorify and justify their existence. Trump was 110% correct in withdrawing funding for an organisation that doesn't know what it's doing from one week to the next. The idiotic governments around the world are listening to so called science based bullshit and have swallowed this crap from the WHO hook line and sinker. It is the WHO's way of justifying their existence. Their problem is that the governments have now destroyed their economy's so have to play along with what the WHO say, as it is the only way they can justify destroying the future of a whole generation +. Masks? No they don't work unless they are surgical. The majority of people use the same mask over and over for weeks. THAT WILL NEVER WORK. Why? because wearing a mask over and over is more dangerous than not wearing one at all. Has wearing masks stopped anything at all? Fact. 99.6% of people recover, and before anyone says its because you haven't had any problems with Corona , let me tell you , my son has it as I write. So we are in lockdown and as soon as its over the cases will rise again as testing resumes. Herd immunity is the only thing that is going to work. Protect the vulnerable and re-open the countries again to rebuild their economies before there is no return. This virus will kill less people that the actions of the irresponsible Governments .

  6. Not the whole of Andalusia is closed, just some part Andalusia is closed, Malaga, and Marbella is still open, but there is curfew

  7. Hi Stuart would anyone know I am currently in alhama De Murcia and due to fly home Nov 12 will this be possible or is it better go asap thanks for any advice

  8. But are you against Democracy? Why go out with that people who have a different opinion and want to be heard are problem makers? In a democratic country every body has a right to express there opinions! Right? In Barcelona there were no fights at all and it wasn’t a riot it was a rather small and rather quiet demonstration without slogans by ordinary parents against the lockdown and the message was that they are hungry and they’ve lost their jobs now, so no money to buy food. I know this as my daughter lives in Barcelona and she is Swedish too and very shocked about the autocracy going on in Spain.

  9. What happened to free speech? You are absolutely correct stu these obnoxious comments by certain people lack of education perhaps?

  10. As always, thanks for today's report.
    And thanks for not succumbing to the option of turning off the comments, as understandable as that would often be.
    I find the naysayers, the deniers and the trolls quite funny, and even more so when they do their dismal best to get a rise.

  11. Hi you’re doing a great job of informing and updating the situation of the Covid 19 situation in Spain . Thank you for all information pertaining to the Covid 19 .😊🙏🏼 It’s much appreciated and thankful .

  12. Tenerife and all the canaries you have to have a clear test result and proof you’re clear before you can check in your hotel. From 15/11 I think. I think if you’re a resident you’re allowed to go to your home

  13. Is there any update about visiting the canary islands and having a covid test before you travel? Keep up the helpful videos.

  14. I enjoy your posts Stuart but I have to disagree with you about a couple of things. The violent protesters are a disparate group of people. Some may be idiots as you describe but many are not. Their political leadership has misled them into thinking the virus is sentient. Or a supernatural phenomenon. Or targets certain people. The government propaganda relies on a poorly educated and anti-science population. The virus spreads through person to person interaction. Hours of contact restrictions is stupid, wishful nonsense. You know this Stuart. A total lockdown, while horribly unpopular is the only viable solution until an effective vaccine is found and deployed to everyone .

  15. Thank you, Stuart! I am am Spanish citizen living in Manila, Philippines and I feel connected to Spain when I watch your videos. I don't go anywhere else for Covid news but your channel. Don't be too bothered by the negative comments. There will always be trolls, but know you are doing nice work here and a true service to all that want to get the real picture on the ground of what is happening in Spain.

  16. You never mentioned my country Ireland! We ar in full lock down for the past week and we are facing another 5 weeks full lock down 🙁

  17. Hi Stuart. See you in your garden Friday as BBC World Weather said, Madrid was the place to be if you want to find some Spanish sunshine. However as you will also find plenty of covid 19, sorry I won't be joining you.

  18. Portugal is also closed for Spaniards. Actually Portugal is even close for the Portuguese: you can't go to other municipalities between now and Tuesday, 3rd November at 6am without any important reasons. Masks are mandatory in outside spaces from now until Epiphany (6th January).
    It's also very likely that we will have a night curfew from Saturday and, with the growing numbers, I actually fear that we will have to go home AGAIN.

  19. Thanks Stuart. You might want to spend your winter here in sunny Florida? We're completely open!!
    Our Governor is pushing to open travel from the UK, Europe and South America. 😎

  20. Great video. I am looking for help & advise about driving back to UK, any information appreciated, I can’t find anything, thank you!

  21. Today total Covid deaths per million population:
    Sweden – 586
    Spain – 762
    May be it's time to do what Sweden do to save peoples lives?

  22. stuart you are spot on about the rioters, I see them at first hand myself as you mentioned in Barcelona.

    personally they all need locking up.

    BTW the masks are starting to have an added benefit, they keep your face warm as its getting cold.

  23. It's nice to know that these sorts of situations bring the worst out in people. Cock a deaf ear Stuart or tell them to piss off.

  24. I applaud your desire to keep the comment section open. You are a noble gentleman. The best way to defeat bad language is with better language.

  25. Thanks for the update. I look to you for information. All of us have bias but I think you do a good job of balancing that with just fact. Thank you.

  26. To save Christmas? I had no idea viruses were so peculiarly selective. Are you suggesting those idiots in power know how to time the manifestation of unknowable medical developments? You got me on that one!

  27. I think you are doing a good Job reporting as to what is happening, and thanks for another video update keep safe.

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