¡OH CANADÁ! ¿Adónde fue TODO frente a Canadá vs. Croacia? 👀 | FC ESPN

En ESPN FC, el equipo profundiza en la convincente victoria de Croacia por 4-1 sobre Canadá, para eliminar oficialmente a los canadienses. #ESPNFC #WorldCup #worldcup #soccer — Suscríbete a ESPN UK: sigue a ESPN UK en múltiples plataformas:

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30 comentarios en “¡OH CANADÁ! ¿Adónde fue TODO frente a Canadá vs. Croacia? 👀 | FC ESPN

  1. As a Croatian Canadian i was proud of both teams before coach Herdmans comments following the Belgium game. Croatia is the better team and it was emphatically and deservedly stamped during the game!! Croatia F'ed Canada.

  2. Class, experience and composure wins out over hype and hustle every time. Canada was out on their feet at the end, completely run into the ground. A simple thing that you learn at a young age is that the ball is faster than the player. Pity Canada refused to learn that…..

  3. Canadian Goalkeeper, as well as Trainer did 50% of the job for us.
    Next time be less political and more sportly.
    Still, good game canada.

  4. Canada football focuses on individual 1 on 1 skill rather than teaching the kids how to play the team game at an early age. Generations of Canadians will continue to play like this unless something changes at the grassroots level.

  5. I don't think the comment made a difference in the result. The reason you don't make that comment public is because now the Croatian fans will be relentlessly teasing you for it.

  6. Canada versus Croatia.

    Pretender versus Contender.

    We have a long way to go yet, and it shows. It hurst to admit that, but the Canada against Croatia was a different team than in CONCACAF.

  7. Atiba killed us. So slow and wasn’t focused. Herdman should have pulled him after 20 mins for Kone. Still would’ve lost but could’ve been a lot closer. Herdman firing up Croatia with his comments didn’t help either. The manager deserves the brunt of the blame.

  8. You mean the team that had never won a world cup game lost to the team that made it to the finals last time? Wow, I bet it was because of some off the pitch banter. Definitely not because of a difference of ability.

  9. no no keep saying how we are too old, how you going to beat us.. keep that talk, dont switch now you plebs

  10. Croatians were motivated more by the political statements of your goalkeeper whose family took part of genocide and ethnic cleansing then run away in front of justice then played victims like most of those monsters did. M. Borjan thought it would be great idea to play victim-hood card with his social network post were he pointed out how he was a refugee but the truth is they were "refugees" in same way how Nazis who run away into Argentina after WW2 were, running from responsibility, justice and prosecution. Also in the process M. Borjan also claimed that part of Croatia where he is from is Serbia just like Slobodan Milošević and his fascists did in 90s while killing, looting, burning doing war crimes. Luka's Modrić (captain of Croatian team) grandfather was stopped as unarmed civilian near his home on ways to feed his cattle and shot, just like many, only because he was Croatian by the same people like M. Borjan family that now pretend to be victims and "refugees".

  11. Canada will only get better. Love my team. You will see them again in 2026 playing better and more attacking football in Toronto

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