La brutal respuesta de Lionel Messi a Wout Weghorst pidiéndole su camiseta

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39 comentarios en “La brutal respuesta de Lionel Messi a Wout Weghorst pidiéndole su camiseta

  1. If I am weghorst Messi disrespect me like that I would smack slap the shit out his head. After the game you don't have to be head.

  2. What are you talking about 🤔 We went out cause of a Ball from Japan that was over the line 😏 but thats okay Argentina was unbeatable 🏆

  3. In my opinion, Argentina showed a lack of class, respect, and culture. And although at the beginning I wanted to see Argentina in the final, because I believe that the cup would seal Messi's career, after what I saw, I lost respect for him and his entire team

  4. Messi will never win a world cup. His ego will get the better of him. Cant wait to see him cry like a baby lol

    F Messi.

    You losed the semi final and you think HEY LETS ASK THE SHIRT OF JESUS MESSI. Make no sense.

    Fake Maradonna= Messi.


  6. You could have the best futbol channel.. always be honest, never lie, if you’re any good you shouldn’t need to click bait. No one likes liars.

  7. I mean that's a bit disrespectful… whatever happened during the match it was over now. He just wanted to shake hands and make peace, Messi should've acted more professionally given his experience and status in football. Coming from a die hard Messi fan !

  8. I thought only French people spoke to foreigners in their native language as if the whole world understands them.. Weghorst would've murdered Messi in a fight obviously, so he should just play football instead of playing this fake tuff guy act🤣🤣

  9. I get that there were provocations while penalty shootouts. I also know Van Gaal stated before in press that Netherlands would be in advantage if it came to penalties. And that Netherlands played more aggressively in later stages of the game which was strategically correct for them since they scored two goals back. And that there was brawl after Paredes shoot the ball to Netherlands bench. Honestly? None is at fault here. It was a heated match. That’s it. Messi blaming referee and everything Netherlands did was more like his new angry captain image.

  10. I feel bad for Wenghorst. Messi shouldn't have done that! Earlier I was under the assumption that they were involved in slander. But this is different

  11. Sure hope Weghorst understands it, cuz boi, what's the point of talking smack in language only you understand.

  12. Just imagine what the title of this video would be if it was Ronaldo instead of Messi……🙃

  13. Dude, seriously,send this guy packing. No reason hiring some American calling football "soccer" that doesn't get a single pronunciation right. Jeez

  14. Is this the same Messi a lot people said is finished and doesn't have anything more to offer??? 😪🙃😆🙂⚽️💯👀👏🙌🔥

  15. The dear person that's reading this, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life❤ don't ever blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious and a key to a happy life…

  16. 1. To the presenter: Please stop making everything so comic or overdramatic.
    2. I hope not only Neymar but the entire team comes back to the next world cup alot stronger.

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