Perfil del equipo de la Copa Mundial: ESPAÑA

Con entrevistas a Xavi, Sergio Ramos y al entrenador Vicente del Bosque, esta es una mirada profunda a la historia de España en la Copa del Mundo, cómo se clasificó y su equipo actual (6:35) para el Grupo B contra Holanda, Chile y Australia. Más avances de los equipos de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil 2014™: Más videos sobre Brasil 2014: Noticias sobre la selección española: Los 10 mejores goles de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Sudáfrica 2010: Suscríbete a FIFA en YouTube para mantenerte actualizado sobre los comunicados diarios: Más videos de FIFA en Youtube:

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  1. 1 kaziarés
    2 Fernando heirro
    3 Piqué
    4 RAMOS
    5 PUJOL
    6 jouzép gourdiola
    7 RAOUL capitaine
    8 amor
    9 Fernando TORRÉS
    10 Moriéntés
    11 SALINAS
    12 CHABBI
    Entrainneur : DELBOSQUÉ

  2. In a final after which it must be in the World Cup, after a loss and sadness for them, they deserve a loss and a heavy cry in front of them, the Netherlands won and Spain lost

  3. Players who haven’t won the World Cup: Messi, Ronaldo, Eusebio, Best, Cruyff, Van Basten.

    Players who have won the World Cup: Fernando Llorente, Shkodran Mustafi, Ron Robert Zieler, Erik Durm.


  4. El documental más gafe que he visto en mi vida todo lo que hablaron se dio al revés jajajaja

  5. If some people of netherlands are watching this,remember how you laugh about 5-1 (even if u lose 3 finals) now we laugh because u are not in the WC HAHAHAHA

  6. The coach made a few horrible lineup decisions. Anyone closely following Spanish footballers in Spain and around the world would have known that certain players needed to be left off of the team. It was completely frustrating to watch. Spain looked scared against the Netherlands…and, with reason.

  7. pinches espanolitos se les va dejar ganar la copa mundial de Rusia 2018 porque se quedaran en el camino Reyes los va eliminar belgica o Uruguay Reyes presumidos igual que el barcelona

  8. Golden period 2008-2012 for Spanish football team.I have read lots about Spanish when i was studying medieval and early modern Europe and from then i starts loving this beautiful country.
    I love their language.
    Best wishes from india to Spain.

  9. Ok resuming, SPAIN was ina bad shape ,
    1º the 2014 Uefa champions league final who ended in an epic match with at least 3 injured players..
    2ºThe absurd calendar of SPANISH federation ,only 2 friendly matches 1 in Sevilla and other IN miami,so no match in brazil..
    3º The election of curitiba brazil as "home"in the middle of the winter to the heat os salvador bahia.
    4ºHolland spend an ENTIRE mounth preparin an epic trap in BAHIA..
    5ºVIcente del bosque was too old..yes they forget to include people like CARVAJAL the guy who break robben in that 2014 Bayern 0 MADRID 4..and more like isco,morata, all the atletico madrid…and the most obvious they forgot to put the VILLA COSTA strikers at the SAME TIME..,spanish excoach hated the strikers..

  10. Due to retirement and age the current Spain lineup should be

    GK: De Gea
    RB: Carvajal
    RCB: Sergio Ramos
    LCB: Pique
    LB: Jordi Alba
    RM: David Silva
    RCM: Cesc Fabregas
    LCM: Iniesta
    LM: Koke
    RS: Diego Costa
    LS: Fernando Torres

  11. Looking back at this, granted hindsight is 20/20. Just in the way they talk about the team and their tournament, I don't think they honestly believed that they could win this tournament. They had a good team that I feel could have done damage, but it seems that they just weren't mentally prepared to make a run. As tough as their group was, they deserved to do more than 3rd in the group. I feel that they should have at least made a quarterfinal run. I didn't expect them to win at the time, but I expected a lot more then when ended up happening. Maybe things would have been different if Del Bosque had retired after 2012? He seemed to want to prepared the greatness of his former team when they weren't necessarily done yet winning matches. But that's just my opinion. It's hard to fault them for not beating the Netherlands and Chile, I just think the manner in which they lost was embarrassing.

  12. Si e mirado un partido por que crees que les pregunto. Me refería a que equipo te gusta.Orita los dos son basura pero me gusta México más y a la mejor es mejor aunque nunca ha ganado un mundial

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