Princess Leonor and her 'special feeling' for Gavi 🥰

In Spain there is talk of a possible relationship between the princess eleanor17 years old, and Pablo Martín Páez Gavira, 18 years old and known as Gavi, one of the Barça footballers with the most projection and figure of the Spanish team in Qatar… LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS

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38 comentarios en “Princess Leonor and her 'special feeling' for Gavi 🥰

  1. Bro the reason this video gives is just funny and overly exaggerated. One of The head of the country asked the youngest player of the tournament for autograph which is very much proud moment for the country , that’s why he did that but medias speculating it was for his daughter LMAO

  2. If he should use these opportunity as every professional football players career ends at 3-4 years if he did not do well this could be his back up

  3. CR33PY WIRD no more when wh1te w0m## likes a guy and book full of his pictures ???

    Double standards R@CISM of society, media

  4. as far as i can tell its a crush, she most likely thinks hes cute but lets hope it stays that way bc idk if Gavi would rather give up his football career and lifestyle for monarchy 😂

  5. Football fans are like bts fans…and they hv the audacity to make fun of them…What if this is not true…she must be dying to debunk…LoL.

  6. Now, Princess Leonor is a high value woman. He can definitely pursue her if he wishes to. Unlike that whore who gave her number to him while he was signing her shirt.

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