Spain update – The last thing Spain needs

Spain news update

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35 comentarios en “Spain update – The last thing Spain needs

  1. Hi Stu,
    You often mention Catalan independence in your interesting podcasts so I thought a bit of history might be useful. Personally I don't have a view about independence ( I'm British!).
    During the last 500 years Catalunya has rarely been a willing part of Spain, it was at times independent and most of the time had at least independent institutions and law; it was also at times part of France.

    600 years ago it ran a mini empire which included the southern half of Italy. It's history and origins including language are dissimilar to that of the rest of Spain in many ways. This is not the first time the Catalan government has been arrested (or pardoned cf 1936). Catalunya was a centre of resistance against Franco during and after the civil war.
    Present tensions aren't new and are unlikely to be solved by suppression.

  2. Very little coverage of Spanish politics maybe Tucker wanted to highlight how far politicians would go in bringing backed “criminals” to gain a majority

  3. Sorry, I wrote a post regarding Tucker Carson which is not allowed to be posted, comes up in red letters Returned errors there anywhere else I can send you this post of a very important unbiased journalist.

  4. Yes, in Germany their are church taxes, which are deducted with the income tax by the state. But, if you quit the church you do not have to pay them. So, you actually have to sign out of it which you do in your local community.

  5. Tucker was fired from Fox for his part in defaming Dominion voting machine company and costing Fox over $780million…not for being too far right, as far as I remember

  6. The deal Sanchez has done is the equivalent of starmer doing a deal with the snp, pliad cymru and sinn fean after the election !
    Would he have sought such a deal if he had won an outright majority, of course not.
    From a foreigner’s point of view he seems to be risking the unity of Spain, every comunidad could seek independence under these terms

  7. Seeing is believing! When I see Sñr P.D. in Spain, I'll believe anything is possible in gutter politics. You just couldn't make it up! Thanks again, Stu, as you are definitely the go-to man for the unbiased news.

  8. That was only someone asking Trump about “Tucker” for VP. As usual Trump said he’d be a good choice but many of us think he’ll pick a woman. He or she better do whatever told or he/she might be hanged for real this go round.

  9. Tucker Carlson is definitely a hater who comes from a lot of money; one of the biggest proponents of a White Christian Nationalist. He is pure scum as is the rest of the far right extremists in the U.S. who live to divide and sow fear/division among Americans. There is so much hatred and reversal of progress in this world that Spain doesn’t need him. #StopTheHate

  10. Not sure why the left are getting their knickers in a twist over the visit of an American journalist. Is it because they are authoritarians who label any divergent opinion is "far right". Or perhaps it's because of the popularity of this particular commentator, who had the highest ratings on the lame stream media, before being sacked, primarily for opposing the funding of the war in Ukraine and questioning the safety and efficacy of the various covid vaccines.

  11. I believe Jete is somewhere between Almuñecar and Otivar, north from Costa Tropical, lovely mountain ranges with "tropical" valleys planted of avocados, mangos and more. That's close to where I grew up, in Spain. Thanks for your reports 🙂 lovely to hear all the news and gossip in English and an exciting, pleasant tone. ✌

  12. Nationalism is the selfishness of the People. Catalan, Spanish, British or any other.
    And well… here we are. This is what it is.

  13. Wow that’s an amazing array of news, but it’s clear that Spain politicians have crossed the line of democracy, we have to ask the question, “how low can a politician go to stay in power”. Has Spain the ability to rise above this level and restore the true spirit of fairness, I do hope so 😊

  14. I wonder why the police and government of the Canary Islands allows large motorcycles to be broad in. I don't think you would have hells angels in mopeds or scooters. The church tax is actually deducted from your salary similar to income tax and to avoid it one has to denounce membership in that church (catholic or protestant). While the representatives of the church mistreat defenseless children since WWII, the government has been collecting money for them in the billions. Most modern Germans are disgusted about the practices both by the government and the church.

  15. Keep up the good work Stu. Tucker sacked for knowingly pushing lies on Fox. If you need lies pushed, he is your man

  16. The same tax is in force in Italy aswel, millions of babies starving yet the Catholic church as billions of euros, l personally give them nothing

  17. As one of the many pioneers of cricket in Spain, the Pakistanis started arriving in numbers shortly after 2000. Cricket suffered a hard start as the Government did not recognize cricket as a proper sport as it had not been a full sport in the Olympics. The first game was played in the Port of Bilbao around 1793, probably by 2 crews of British ships.

  18. A normal narrative from El Mundo, however, I do understand the fear from the left. After all the rhetoric, Tucker Carlson is normally is proven to be correct, long after the left-wing media have labeled him with every phobia going.

  19. English prenouciation…..I amuse myself, being really mean, by asking non native speakers to pronounce, “Featherstonehaugh” and “Cholmondley” among others!

  20. In the case of Zouch eg Ashby de la Zouch is a small town near me – It's not the English that's the problem, it's the French influence ie Noblemen (usually) were given lands and the names became in the French style. Yes, difficult but the nearest to native English is suppose to be Welsh/Cymru………

  21. Tucker Carlson needs to go back to where he came from, objectional individual. Spain is mainly a wonderful calm country. We don't need him.

  22. He is trying to associate himself with the worldwide right wing, a very dangerous place to be! Spain is not the only country that is in political turmoil, just look at UK. I know where I would rather be. I have just got to say, I still get my car filled up in Andalusia.

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