Pivot Signing TOP Priority🚨| Left Back Summer OBJECTIVE💣| New Manager LIST🔎| Laporta BIG Interview🎙️

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Deco’s top priority this summer is to reinforce the pivot position, the club sees it as an absolute necessity to sign someone in this position for the present and for the pivot, names such as Martin Zubimendi, Amadou Onana, and Mats Weiffer are being mentioned but remains to be seen who will be the chosen one. The club is looking to strengthen the left-back position in the summer whether it could be to bet in-house or sign a free agent, Sergi Cardona and Alex Valle are the main contenders to fill this role. Barcelona is in the market for a new manager come the summer as Xavi has announced his decision to leave the club at the end of the season, Joan Laporta and Deco are tasked with finding a new manager which won’t be easy as the market is quite limited, names such as Hansi Flick, Jurgen Klopp, Mikel Arteta, Thiago Motta, and Imanol Alguacil are being mentioned for the time being but the process isn’t fully underway yet. President Joan Laporta conducted an interview with RAC1 providing updates on everything regarding Barcelona Futbol Club.

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0:00 Intro
1:44 LU Soccer Promo
2:42 New Left Back Signing
4:46 Pivot Summer Priority
8:29 Joao Felix & Joao Cancelo
11:14 Lucas Bergvall
15:24 Big Summer Sale Plan
17:05 Oriol Romeu
18:15 Inaki Pena & Diego Kochen
20:41 Sergio Akieme
21:48 Vitor Roque
23:48 Injury Updates
25:58 New Manager Search
29:19 Negreira Case
30:18 Laporta Interview
40:42 Outro

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31 comentarios en “Pivot Signing TOP Priority🚨| Left Back Summer OBJECTIVE💣| New Manager LIST🔎| Laporta BIG Interview🎙️

  1. i dont like how deco had full power. hes also an agent, there are conflict of interest right there. there are also portuguese bias that could lead to similar thing when abidal in charge. barca shouldnt had any bias and bought players depends on what the team needs.

    transfer talk when having no coach also isnt good. getting new coach then bought/ sell players is the right move so the coach had the right players to execute his plan.

  2. If we sell either Araujo, de jong, Yamal or ter stegen we are beyond dumb. They are the ones carrying the team Pedri and gavi should stay aswell. Christensen is very underrated and while ferran is not the Best in the world he is a versatile player which is something we need badly

  3. You bet your mortgage yesterday’s preview for the slaves game that atletico loses to Madrid! Gotta sell now lol

  4. Let's look for our own home grown talent instead chasing all these players. We have Tebas to thank for FFP rules which has made us creative in looking inward. What should LY, Fermin etc do to convince us ? They will only become better next season because they are still growing in experience. Bye Bergvall we wont miss you.Visca Barca

  5. You call people sh… pretty loosely…
    Also, Yamal will get competition from Ferran with Gavi, Felix and even Roque fighting for the spot on the left.

  6. If Kimmich is cheaper, i’d go for him only if we bring on Pau Prim. Pau Prim’a turn to get some minutes in the first team and in 2-3 years he should be ready to start.

  7. Pivot is the priority, huh? It's the same shambles as last year. Plus, with a new coach coming, Barca should not lock down any player. Make a list, sure, but don't buy Felix if the new coach doesn't want him.

  8. You need a good pivot. If you're looking for Busi, go make him in a lab, or go and get Rodri. Other than that, get a good pivot to shut down the other teams counter attacks and can pass the ball forward. There will never be another pivot like Busi who thought 5 steps ahead of every game he was in.

  9. La liga is a shamble. Just cancel la liga and hand the trophy to Madrid every year. What's the purpose of playing a full season when la liga wants Madrid to win it every year! Such a shamble in this modern day of technology!

  10. bro be careful with criticizing laliga. they recently have been going around youtube channels big and small and copyright striking videos criticizing them. for example talkfcb just released a video talking about this. one of his videos named “laliga is a joke” got copyright claimed although it didn’t use any footage from any laliga game.

  11. Barca lui Laporta este la mana lui Mendes.
    Pana nu vine un presedinte, interesat doar de binele clubului, echipa asta va fi doar datoare si fara viitor! 7:36 i

  12. Nico Gonzalez is shining at Porto. Let’s not forget that buyback clause; it’s gonna be cheaper anyways for a very good player for the pivot position.

  13. Idk if this is controversial but Felix shouldn’t be signed. He’s to expensive for the work he puts in. It’s not worth it and we should learn from our previous mistakes.

  14. To be honest this team lacks pace and it lacks physicality if we can get a DM who's good technically and physically I'd take it over zubimendi. There's a reason gavi was so key for us. I'm so tired of seeing our team get out ran, out muscled, out paced, out worked. We have a bunch of technically gifted players but that's all there is to them. Muller said it himself, barcas problems are not technical or skill ways. Physically, speed wise, power wise, work rate wise we can't compete. We were technically better than bayern last season and still lost

  15. Sérgio Conceição i have been saying is nome since november, at this Point for Barcelona its about result and SC has provêm at UCL with lower bugget great results im 1000% for him .

  16. Martin Zubamendi is a good talent,he will become a World Class player very soon 👏👏👏🙌🙌👏👏🙌

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