60 Geography Quiz Questions to help you sleep 馃槾馃挙 [ASMR]

In this relaxing ASMR maps video I am asking you 60 geography questions designed to help you sleep. This set is all about Europe. How well do you think you know Europe? What score will you get?

This ASMR video contains a male deep voice talking in soft spoken and sometimes in whispers, using a bamboo pointer to trace and asking you quiz questions. I hope you like it!

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23 comentarios en “60 Geography Quiz Questions to help you sleep 馃槾馃挙 [ASMR]

  1. My answers

    3:00 Italy
    3:09 Pyrenees
    3:18 1.820
    3:39 Austria
    4:06 16
    4:22 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
    4:32 Bratislava
    4:44 5.994
    5:06 Spain
    5:30 Mont Blanc
    6:03 Balcan and Apennine
    6:15 32
    6:35 Portugal
    6:51 Isle of Man? Fair Isle?
    7:14 Poland
    7:25 This green dwarf?
    7:41 France
    7:50 France, Spain
    7:59 The Pink City
    8:15 Glasgow
    8:36 Helsinki
    8:55 5 (Liechtenstein,Austria,Germany,France, Italy)
    9:11 Vatican City
    9:29 Switzerland
    9:49 Norway
    10:07 UK, Netherlands or France馃槀
    10:17 Lake Ladoga
    10:38 I don't know

  2. I would prefer if you gave the answer after the question instead of waiting until the end. It鈥檚 better for falling asleep

  3. P.S. Your blank on Great Britain as the biggest island in Europe amused me, because I suspected it was and suspected you would not think of it. It seems to be a failing in Britons discussing islands to momentarily forget they live on an island, too. 馃榿(See: Citation Needed – The Sark Football Team – which also concerns the Channel Islands which is why I would be able to name them if I actually tried!)

  4. Alps: Germany, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Slovenia. I'm still drawing a blank on an eighth…
    As a Czech, I can assure you it definitely isn't Czechia. 馃槀

  5. 32:22 You were right! It begins in Germany, Black Forest Moutain, I guess, and it definitely ends in Romania in the proximity of the Sulina city (through Sulina branch) and Sfantu Gheorghe (through Sf. Gheorghe branch). There is a 3rd small branch, located in the Northen part of Golf Musura (RO) which is a part of Ukraine, indeed.

  6. Frage 53: Ungarn grenzt nicht an Tschechien. Es sind 脰sterreich, Deutschland, Polen und Slowakei. Liebe Gr眉脽e aus Graz.

  7. im a new subscriber and am absolutely loving all your videos!!! geography quizzes are one of my biggest interests so i am thrilled to watch this video! thank you 馃檪

  8. what are they smoking馃槀, Danube does not end in Ukraine but Romania, you were right and I think that possibly there could be more mistakes in the book

  9. Nice video, look forward to some more questions soon鈥 would you ever consider teaching the Arabic alphabet on one of your channels? Have recently started a course and think it could be very relaxing鈥 thanks

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