World Cup Goalkeepers – Edwin van der Sar

A towering personality Edwin van der Sar is probably the best goalkeeper to have played for Netherlands. Born on the October 29, 1970, he began his football career by playing for his local city team FC Foreholte in Voorhout.

His athleticism and sharp reflexes under the bar brought him to the notice of major clubs. He first moved to VV Noordwijk, and from there to Ajax. He was apart of the Ajax team that won the UEFA Champions League in 1995.

Van der Sar hit big time when he moved to Juventus. In 2001, he joined Fulham, and started playing in the English Premier League. His biggest change came in 2005, when he moved to Manchester United for a rumored 2 million pounds. The green uniform of Manchester United also won him a nickname: Jolly Green Giant.

Van der Sar wore the national jersey for the first time in 1995 when he played for Netherlands against Belarus. Since then he has played more than a 100 matches for his country, and is likely to emerge as the most capped Dutch player.

His crowning moment was when he won the penalty shootout against Sweden in the Euro 2004 quarter final. This was the first time that the Dutch had won a penalty shoot-out. Van der Sar is admired for his grit and determination, and his ability to analyze the moves of the opposition forwards.

Some of the trophies that have come his way are Champions League, European Super Cup, and Intercontinental Cup.

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The Role of the Match Commissioner in the Game of Football

The roles of match commissioners in modern-day football cannot be compromised considering their importance to the success of a game. Beginning from their appointment down to their individual character, care must be taken to ensure that the right persons are appointed to commission a match.

As part of their attributes, they must have sound knowledge of the laws of the game and the rules governing any competition. The ability to take prompt and accurate decision and maintain a sound comportment is the hallmarks of a good match commissioner. He/she must also be courageous and bold especially when a game is getting out of hand.

five specific roles

  • carry out joint inspection of the field of play prior to the start of a game
  • The state of a football pitch is very important in a game of football. A field that is water-logged or unmarked may not be suitable for a standard game of football. The pitch must also have perimeter fencing to avoid encroachment.

  • ensure that there is adequate security arrangement pt in place by the host team
  • Security is one of the most important aspects of the game of football as violence can erupt in the course of play. The presence of mobile and regular policemen cannot therefore be compromised. The match commissioner has a duty to insist that the match be discontinued if there is no adequate security for the match officials.

  • presides over the meeting of referees and officials of both teams prior to the start of a game
  • A meeting of all stakeholders is usually held in the morning prior to be kick-off of the match. Some issues usually discussed include security, medical, colors of jersey to be used by both teams and general admonition by the match officials on the need to observe the spirit of fair play before, during and after the game. This meeting is usually chaired by the match commissioner.

  • ensure that unauthorized persons or objects do not enter the field or stadium
  • It is the duty of the match commissioner to ensure that the match venue is free of unauthorized persons and objects in the course of the game. He watches the match in a good position and observes the performance of the referee and his assistants.

  • submit a detailed report
  • He submits a detailed report of the match to the appropriate football authority within 48 hours after the match. The report will include virtually everything that occurred before, during and after the match. In conclusion he must ensure that match officials are given their entitlement by the organizers in accordance to the provisions and regulations of the game.

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Basketball Uniforms – The Facts Behind the Fashion

Basketball uniforms are more than just colorful apparels that reflect a team’s motto. They are frequently worn by fans as fashionable garments. They also help in enhancing and bringing out a players’ best performance.

Clothing in sports has come a long way, from home made to commercially manufactured uniforms. The role played by sports uniforms and associated gears are undeniable today. They can bring out a huge difference in the performance of the players and can impact the team’s morale. Hence, each sport or game has a specific set of apparels and associated gears that the players taking part dons themselves with.

These apparel and associated gear could range from a simple wrist band to absorb sweat in games like tennis, to protective helmets and pads donned by ice hockey players and so on. Apparel and gear cannot be neglected anymore; the players know that by not wearing one they not only put their performance at risk but even their safety too. These days almost every game and sport has a standard requirement for uniforms and their associated gears.

Look at the game of basketball; from the ball to the shorts, jerseys to shoes, etc, each of them comes together like the vital parts of any machinery, without which the proper functioning of the machinery suffers. Basketball is a game that demands a lot of energy and alertness with constant movement on the court. There is hardly anytime or place where a player can stand idle for a few seconds. The moment the ball starts bouncing so do the players, with or behind the ball.

The standard size of a basketball in the NBA is 29.5 inches in circumference. Organized basketball leagues generally have proper specifications for the balls to be used in any official competition. The weight, inflation pressure, bounce, circumference, materials used, etc., are kept in consideration.

Basketball jerseys are a part of the uniform for the basketball players. Fans also wear them for fashion or as a statement about their favorite team. The design of the jerseys should give the player maximum comfort while he/she plays the game. There are constant sprinting, pushing, jumping, etc., involved in the game, so the jersey should be flexible and lightweight to allow maximum movement and least constraint.

The basketball shorts are a little different from the ones worn in other sports like soccer and other track and field sports. Their length generally reaches or exceeds the knees of the wearer and is loosely fitted. Synthetic materials and nylon are usually used as the fabric for making basketball shorts. The reason for this is because such materials are good sweat absorbers. They are also light in weight and are designed to provide the wearer comfort and flexibility during the game.

A basketball game is played by holding the ball with the hands and passing it around to finally shoot it into the hoop. Apparently it looks like the game is played entirely with the hands, but like in any other game played on solid ground, the feet of the player determines a lot of the player’s performance. The feet give the rest of the body the speed and firmness. Therefore a lot of expertise goes into designing basketballs shoes.

Lightweight and comfort, as in other uniform units (like jerseys and shorts), are basic requirements. Basketball shoes are also designed to absorb the shocks produced every time the player lands on the ground after a jump. It also should help the player run faster and remain comfortable with good grip on the floor yet soft on the feet.

Many online stores provide basketball uniforms, ready made or customizable. You can order uniforms from one of them for the game or your practice sessions. Remember the next time you buy your basketball uniform; they are meant to give you comfort in the game, they are fashionable and they are your team’s pride. So always go for the best that you can afford and enhance your game play, style quotient and team’s morale.

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Different Types Of Gears Produced By Rugby Uniform Manufacturers

Uniforms are an important part of any team. The uniforms that the athletes wear help in identifying them during games and also bring a sense of unity. The kind and type of sports uniform are different for every sport.

Rugby is a very aggressive sport. And therefore unlike other contact sports, rugby players are seen to be wearing minimum gear. Rugby players wear uniforms that can withstand the abrasion of grabbing and tackling. Let’s have a look at the few gears that needs to be worn by the rugby players.


Like any other sports, rugby players need to wear jerseys. The only difference being the fact that their jerseys usually have collars. They were traditionally made of cotton but are these days made up of material that is breathable. These jerseys are very colorful and have a number which helps in identifying the player and his position. The players are supposed to tuck their jerseys in their shorts during the game. The jerseys these days can be custom-made by the rugby uniform manufacturer.


The shorts are specially designed to be worn by rugby players and were traditionally made up of cotton. Rugby uniform manufacturers design it in such a way that it is able to withstand the strains of the aggressive contact game. They end above the knees generally and fit tightly around the waist.


Rugby socks are long socks that are similar to the ones worn in soccer. These knee-high socks cover the shins and calves perfectly. They are made so to avoid blisters during the game.

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards offer protection to the teeth, jaws, head and neck from injuries that are common in the game. A mouth guard fits perfectly over the teeth and jaws and protects them from damage. A good mouth guard will prevent damage to the jaw, neck and even brain from a heavy blow which is very common in contact games.

Scrum Caps

Scrum cap is a headgear worn by rugby players to protect their ears and head in the scrum. It is specially designed for players who play in the scrum. But, these days it is worn by players of all positions. It is basically a slightly padded helmet that fits tightly over the head and ears. It is necessary for the player playing in the scrum. Other than that many players prefer to wear it while others do not.

Shoulder pads

A rugby player may or may not wear a shoulder pad. It is made up of thin and soft material. It is supposed to be incorporated in the jersey worn by the player and cover the shoulder and the collarbone. It helps in minimizing the impact of a hit and protects the shoulders from any soft tissue damage.

The rugby uniforms can be made according to what a person wants. One can even get a custom logo designed. And can choose the fabric of the uniform. Make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable to wear and provides adequate protection.

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Mexican Soccer Teams – The Mexican National Soccer Team Achievements

The Mexican soccer teams are consists of the best players in Mexico. Though they don’t have as much trophies compared to the teams of Brazil and Argentina, the Mexican players are considered among the best when it comes to excellent strategies and techniques. The Mexican team still managed to prove their best and gained the respect of the millions of fans all over the world.

With the skills and hard work of the players, the Mexican soccer teams managed to win numerous achievements in the sport. Among the achievements of the Mexican team in the World Cup and other international tournament includes:

  • Mexico hosted the World Cup in 1970. They were able to make the lead when they were able to beat El Salvador and Belgium.
  • The 1986 World Cup was again hosted by Mexico. The Mexican team managed to make it on top when the win against Belgium, Iraq and Bulgaria.
  • The year 1990 had been a turning point for the team. They managed to win the 2nd place in the 1993 Copa America.
  • The 2002 World Cup is another success of the national team when they managed to make it to the finals.

The Mexican team had been actively participating different international competitions despite the fact that they only have a few winnings. For the Mexican team, it is not all about winning but the most important thing for them is the passion and love of the game.

Their high spirits remain and had continuously helped in promoting the beautiful sport to their countrymen.

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Selecting the Right Sportswear And More

Sports uniforms are not all about spark and glamor. Today, if you can’t take your eyes off your favorite athletes running around in their stylish jerseys – know for a fact that much of their «on-field style or charishma» stems from the jerseys adorning them as well. An uncomfortable uniform ends up affecting on-field mobility and performance as well. There is no room for «style» under such circumstances. Selecting sports uniforms for respective teams remains a matter of sagacity. A lot of thought goes into selecting the right one. Today, we will just discuss the same. Read on to discover.

Tips to select the right sports jerseys: Points that are infallible to the whole selection process

What are the factors that necessarily need to be kept in view while you’re selecting sportswear? A casual perusal of the post will help you fathom.


Yes. At the heart of ideal sportswear is comfort. We have already mentioned how the lack of comfort can actually go on to affect performance. Different sports demand different cuts, fit and styles. What works for tennis essentially does not work for basketball. In fact, sleeveless upper halves are mandatory for basketball players since they have to jump and net the ball. The modern jerseys are backed by sweat absorbent properties. Players are exposed to increasingly humid conditions today and these jerseys, as such, have only gone on to assume a more significant shape with the passage of time.


Our modern sporting heroes, irrespective of which particular sport they are into, are very conscious about etching out their distinctive style statement. Jersey designers keep this point in view while crafting really stylish jerseys for their clients. We understand how important it is to reach out for team consensus when it comes to zeroing in on the design and hue. Now, let us clarify from the very beginning that the different colors sported by different teams are not really a result of random selection but definitely of a lot of thought.

Each team is governed by different sensibilities much of which is highlighted by the uniform sported by them at the first place.


You need to ensure that you’re securing a clear idea about the cost of the product before accessing the same. The uniforms are customized as per team specifications. Make sure you are looking up the price tags online and finding out about discounts on bulk order, if any. You can compare the prices online as well.

The Manufacturer

The internet offers you so much information about the manufacturers out there. Please make sure you’re selecting a range only after carrying out a thorough background research of the stores at the first place:

For how long have they been offering sportswear?

Are they known for providing quality clothes within market competitive price brackets?

What are the reviews saying about them?

Have you reached out for personal recommendations as well?

Do consider these factors before taking a pick… and you are sorted!

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4 Tips to Choose the Right Soccer Footwear

So, you are going to buy a sturdy and comfortable pair of football boots. However, the problem is that you have no idea how to choose from so many options available to you. And you can’t afford to opt for the wrong pair.

That’s the reason we are going to help you opt for the right pair based on a lot of important factors like the surface type you are going to play on. Without further ado, let’s check out some helpful buying tips. Read on to know more.

1. Look for the Right Sports Store

Buying the right boots is paramount. Your nearby shop may not have a large variety of brands. So, what you should do is visit bigger stores to make sure you can check out a big collection to make the right choice.

There are many benefits of opting for the best store. For instance, these stores offer discounts on their products. Plus, they are more reliable and trustworthy than smaller shops.

2. Consider a Good Brand

Secondly, it’s important that you don’t choose just any brand you find at the shop. Just like you can’t buy any smartphone you find at a smartphone shop, you can’t just buy any regular brand. Therefore, you may want to do your homework first to know the product specifications.

You don’t need to make your decision based on Adidas or Nike commercials. In fact, you can choose from a lot of reliable and affordable brands. Your goal should be to choose an item that is worth the money you want to spend.

3. Try the Soccer Boots On

Although it’s obvious that you should try the boots on before making the payment, some people just don’t do it. It’s not a good idea to buy soccer boots based on their looks or design. If they don’t fit you, they will be useless for you.

You should buy a pair only if you know that the pair is comfortable enough. If the boots are too tight, you should try a different pair. You may not want to compromise on the comfort level of the shoes you are going to pay for.

Tips to opt for the right size

As a general rule, there should be a ½ or ¼ inch gap between the top of the shoes and your toes. If there is more space than that, the boots are too big. Ideally, there should be a small space for the best fit.

Your toes shouldn’t press against the top of the shoes or they may feel too tight. In this case, you should opt for a bigger size.

4. Consider your Playing Style

All of us have our own playing styles as far as playing football is concerned. So, you should determine your position and style before you settle on your favorite pair of boots. This is quite important if you buy everything based on your personal preferences.

In short, you may want to follow these 4 tips when looking for the best pair of football boots to meet your playing needs.

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The Nitty Gritty to Soccer Safety

As soccer is one of the most well loved sports on Earth, many children and adults are lured into participating in playing on a daily basis. Due to this wide spread popularity, soccer injuries are very common.

With over 80,000 adults and children going to emergency rooms every year as a result of soccer, knowing the safety rules is vital. When playing and watching, there are certain things that you should always be aware of so that you and your teammates or family members are not among those hurt through either playing or watching. There are several categories of safety rules that you should be aware of. These consist of the following:

  • On Field Safety
  • Goal Safety
  • Stadium Safety
  • Equipment
  • Weather Safety
  • Miscellaneous Accessories

On Field Safety

Of all of the categories, on field safety is the one that players are constantly aware of. This is where most children and adults are injured. Whether it is a sprained ankle from tripping over the ball, collisions, and other accidents, there are several things that you can do to prevent injury. Sprained ankles are one of the most common soccer injuries, as there is a great deal of foot work involved.

These injuries can be avoided by using a slight amount of caution when passing or receiving the ball, as well as taking care when running down the field. Proper foot position when handling the ball is one of the most effective ways at preventing this type of injury. Unfortunately, accidents will happen, regardless of how careful you are. By being diligent, you can make certain whatever injuries you sustain are minor and should not interfere with future game play. The key rule to preventing injuries on the field is to always be observant. Know where the ball is and know who is around you.

Goal Safety

Whether you are the goalie, or a player on defense, the goal can occasionally become a safety hazard. In most instances, collisions with goal or goalie are caused by lack of observation. Whether you trip and fall into the goal posts, or hit the goalie by accident, you need to make certain that you are always watching where you going when moving in to score. Not only can this action cause injury, it can also get you carded which could potentially have you removed from the game.

Another point to consider when shopping for 8 x 24 soccer goals, is to consider goals with rounded posts instead of square posts. When colliding with a post, you’re more likely to skip off a rounded one and avoid serious injury.

Stadium Safety

For parents, guardians and friends, there are a few stadium safety tips that tend to be neglected when the subject of soccer safety comes up. Occasionally a player can lose control of the soccer ball, and it enter the stands where you are observing the game. Injuries due to being hit with the ball, or any other piece of equipment that flies your way, can be easily prevented by making certain you pay attention at all times.

Running through the stands, or through the player’s area can be dangerous to you and others. As a rule, common sense is the best safety precaution you have. If it involves doing something that could harm yourself or others, such as walking over the back of the bleachers, climbing over people and tall benches, it should be avoided for your sake and others.


Without soccer safety equipment, all of the in game rules would be ineffective. Shin guards, cleats, jerseys and proper fitting shorts and socks all work together to ensure that every player can enjoy the game without being at high risk of injury. Shin guards are used to prevent bruising or breaking of the lower portion of the leg, where cleats and soccer balls are highly likely to hit you. Without these, such as lotto shin guards, you put yourself at high risk.

Wearing a proper pair of cleats, such as the ones designed by Nike, gives you more grip into the turf. This grip helps to prevent sprains and breaks in the ankles. These shoes also give your feet adequate protection from other pairs of cleats and impact with the soccer ball.

Proper fitting clothing, ranging from the jersey, shorts and socks, contribute to player comfort. This is important, as distractions from the game can lead to injuries to yourself and others. It is always advisable to wear your proper jerseys to practice or to games. Specially designed jerseys and shorts are designed to handle the rigors of soccer. The fabric in particular is designed to stand up against grass stains as well as be comfortable.


One aspect of soccer safety that is forgotten by many players and parents is weather conditions. Playing in the rain can be a fun, invigorating experience, treasured by players for years to come. Despite this, playing in muddy conditions is dangerous. The slipping and sliding that creates a great deal of the enjoyment taken from playing soccer in the rain leaves room for a wide variety of different injuries. If you choose to play soccer in the rain, make certain you take every precaution possible, from wearing cleats, guards and your protective gear.

When a full fledged storm comes up, complete with thunder and lightning, game play should be ended immediately. A soccer field is the worst place to be in the middle of a lightning storm, and parents as well as players have been killed or maimed by lightning. If lightning is spotted and your referee does not end the game, you should still leave the field as soon as possible.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Before you play soccer, you need to make certain that you are not wearing miscellaneous accessories such as earrings, anklets and other pieces of jewelry that could be broken or cause harm. Earrings in particular are prone to being torn from earlobes when contact is made with a soccer ball. By removing these pieces of jewelry and other items of this nature, you can help prevent injuries to yourself that could be disfiguring. If you are considering getting piercings and you play soccer, you may want to consider planning to have your piercings done when the soccer season is over.

If you keep all of these things in mind while playing or observing soccer games, you should be able to enjoy the sport while being at low risk of injury.

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Sammy McIlroy – The Young Veteran

Five Manchester United players featured in the Northern Ireland starting line-up for six matches in the late 1970s: Tommy Jackson, David McCreery, Chris McGrathand, Sammy McIlroy, and Jimmy Nicholl. Former Manchester United favourites Trevor Anderson and George Best also featured.

Samuel McIlroy was born 2 August 1954 in the much troubled city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Being brought up in the very heart of Protestant East Belfast, he was steeped from an early age in a marinade of politics and religion. Nonetheless, East Belfast has produced a great number of immensely talented Manchester United players up through the years including household names such as George Best, Eric McMordie, David McCreery, and Norman Whiteside. After being discovered by famous United scout Bob Bishop while still a schoolboy player, McIlroy was advised by his family to seek his footballing fortune in the calmer climes of Lancashire as Northern Ireland was tottering on the brink of Civil War.

The last youth player to be signed by legendary Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby, Sammy McIlroy arrived in Manchester as a modest, fresh faced 14 year old in the summer of 1969. Finding the net on his United debut against fierce rivals Manchester City in November 1971, the gifted youngster quickly became a massive hit with the Old Trafford faithful. Eventually establishing himself in the Manchester United first team during the 1974-75 season, McIlroy proceeded to make a total of 391 appearances for the Reds. The young veteran also played an important part in United’s nothing but fantastic revival under Tommy Docherty in the mid 1970s, winning the Second Division title with the Reds in 1975 and the FA Cup two years later.

Finally deciding to leave Manchester United at the end of the 1981-82 season, Sammy McIlroy went on to appear for Stoke City, Manchester City, Bury, Preston North End, and Northwich Victoria. The hard working Ulsterman also had an extraordinary international career, gaining a total of 88 caps for his beloved Northern Ireland between 1972 and 1987.

«The Protestant people in Northern Ireland were used and abused by the British. How could you have working class people living in poverty voting Tory? You looked at two working class people shooting each other and you asked how was that possible. It was divide and conquer, the British trait from the year dot.»

Paddy Crerand quote.

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Football Draw Predication System – Ideal For Selections For Fixed Odds Betting Or the Pools Coupon

When you look at these tables s you will find in the center column sequences of numbers, these numbers are the accumulative votes out of 10 from the Sunday newspapers tipsters on whether the outcome of the matches on the coupon will result is a home, away win or a draw.

For example 3,5,2 indicates that 3 tipsters consider the match a home win, 5 go for an away win and 2 go for the draw.

This draw system aims to go one better and show you how to use these tipsters’ predictions to your advantage

The method
All you have to do is work your way down the column selecting those matches where all the experts agree to evenly.

For example when votes out of 10 newspaper tipsters read, 3-3-4, 4-3-3, 3-4-3 or 5-3-2, 2-3-5, 3-5-2 etc

Next select those matches where the majority indicate a home win, for example – 10-0-0, 9-1-0, 8-0- etc…

Do not go further than an 8-majority vote. You must also ignore those matches where the indicated result has been predicted to be an away win or draw

When you have done this you will have ended up with about 20+ selections. Your next step is to reduce your selections down to the number of matches to suit your requirements. This can be done in the following manner

  1. Make two lists, the first list will contain those match numbers where there is an even split in the experts predictions. The second list will contain those matches where the indicated result is a home win.
  2. Your next step is to divide each list into odd and even numbers. This is done because every week the matches resulting in score draws are evenly split into odd and even numbers.
  3. The next step is to decide on your strongest selections, these are indicated where the even split is 4-3-3, 3-4-3, or 3-3-4 and where the home win is indicated by a 10-0-0 vote

4. Your final step is to make up any shortfall from the remaining selections.

Good luck!

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