Why Are Football Logos Becoming So Boring?

A lot of football clubs, from Manchester City to Inter Milan, and a lot of national teams and competitions, from Spain to the Premier League and the World Cup, have undergone major rebrands in recent years.

A lot of these rebranded logos look very similar; they’re minimalist, corporate, feature fewer colours, round crests, and typically less text.

So in this video, HITC Sevens takes a look at why so many football clubs are rebranding, why those rebrands all look the same, and why football badges are becoming so soulless and boring.

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LAFC Offseason Chaos Livestream

Travis, Darren, and Vince check-in on LAFC’s eventful offseason and answer questions from the chat.

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Taylor Booth, Luca de la Torre & Josh Sargent MAFNIFICENT l USMNT Top 10

Taylor Booth, Luca de la Torre and Josh Sargent were all crucial in their teams’ wins this weekend. But plenty of other USMNT players had great games. Join me for the USMNT Top 10.

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Who's More Successful? Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo

Welcome to irl Media NEWS. I’m your host Chris Thompson. The soccer world can pretty much be divided up between just two teams: Team Ronaldo and Team Messi. Whichever team you’re on, I think we can all agree these two soccer gods have redefined what it means to be successful in the world of sports.

Today we’re talking about who has been more successful: Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? We’ll explore their impressive stats, count up their career earnings, and explore the soccer legacy each player is leaving behind. All that and more on today’s episode of irl Media News. Let’s get into it.

For the longest time, it was the legendary Pele who every young soccer player wanted to be like. The Brazilian was a worldwide sensational, and for a long time, he held the record for most professional goals scored. Pele is the only player ever to be a three-time World Cup Champion. His 21-year career yielded him 757 verified goals, and many people thought his total would never be topped.

After the turn of the century – that’s the 21st century, for you Millenials out there – professional soccer was blessed with two new phenoms, Messi and Ronaldo, both of whom wound up chasing Pele’s goal total. Not surprisingly, Ronaldo was the first to pass the record, since he’s 2 years older than Messi and started playing professionally 2 years earlier.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Madeira, Portugal. The dynamic striker has played on numerous teams throughout his career. He started in 2002 with Sporting Club of Portugal. The following year he signed on with Manchester United. This came with a transfer fee around $19 million dollars – a small price to pay for the greatest player in the world at that time. Ronaldo signed a five-year deal, which paid him over $2 million dollars annually. He inked his final extension in 2007, which raised his pay over $7 million annually.

Ronaldo played in England for six seasons before he left and signed on with Real Madrid in Spain. The transfer fee this time was a record $131 million dollars, and his new six-year deal earned him $17 million per year.

The money Cristiano earned playing soccer in Europe has been astonishing, but his endorsement deals and contract with Saudi Arabia are next level. He has lucrative deals with Nike, Armani, and Samsung. He also has his own brands like CR7 and a hotel chain. When everything was totaled up by Forbes magazine in 2023, they listed Ronaldo as having $500 million dollars in net worth. His net income is listed at $136 million dollars including $46 million listed as on-field pay and a staggering $90 million dollars earned from off-field deals and businesses.

The Saudi kingdom is supposedly paying Ronaldo $215 million per year to play on their Al Nassr FC, which breaks down to about $4 million per week. Although the Saudi Arabian kingdom doesn’t disclose the exact facts and figures, his earnings are no doubt astronomical.

Contents of this video:

00:00 Intro
00:10 Are you Team Ronaldo or Team Messi?
00:32 Everyone used to want to be like Pele, now they want to be like Ronaldo or Messi
00:58 The 21st century brought us Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi
01:13 Cristiano Ronaldo History
03:30 Lionel Messi History
05:06 Lionel Messi signs with the MLS’s Inter Miami FC

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Tab Ramos on Berhalter, USMNT progress, youth development & the future of MLS l Part 2

In part 2 of my USMNT interview with Tab Ramos, he opens up about Gregg Berhalter, why he made the comments he did, why we’re not seeing progress, signature wins, youth development, MLS progress, where we’re at with soccer in America and what the future looks like for him.

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Reacting to Emma Hayes becoming USWNT manager! | The Cooligans

It’s official folks, the best manager in women’s soccer is now in charge of the biggest job in women’s soccer. Welcome, Emma Hayes, to the USWNT!

After the USWNT’s disastrous performance in the Women’s World Cup, we knew US Soccer would have to make a big splash with its next hire. Safe to say they have! Christian and Alexis discuss Emma Hayes leaving Chelsea to take the reigns of the USWNT and debate how it will affect America’s young squad of players. We also preview the USMNT’s match against Trinidad and Tobago, touch the financial investigations at Chelsea and Everton, and roll out a new edition of Tight 5. Let us know what you think of Emma Hayes’ appointment in the comments!

0:00 – Intro
5:53 – Emma Hayes appointed USWNT manager!
19:02 – Previewing USMNT vs. Trinidad and Tobago!
26:39 – Everton point deduction is imminent!
35:17 – Chelsea under investigation for secret agent payments!
46:12 – It’s time for Tight 5!
53:22 – Wrap-up

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Day in the Life: USA vs Germany ⚽️

Come with me to watch the US National Team take on the Germany national team in Hartford, CT. We saw players like Christian Pulisic, Thomas Muller, Weston McKennie, and Jamal Musiala.

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Guess the Football Club a Player Plays For! #football #soccer

Welcome to «Riddled Minds:

This video is a fun and educational way to test your knowledge of football players and their clubs. It features a quiz where you have to guess the name of the football club a player plays for based on a picture of the player. The video also includes a brief bio of each player, which will help you learn more about their career.

Here are some of the things that you will learn in this video:

The names of different football players
The clubs that different football players play for
The history of different football clubs
How to identify different football players
Here are some of the benefits of learning about football players and their clubs:

Learning about football players and their clubs can help you develop your knowledge of football and its history.
Learning about football players and their clubs can help you appreciate the talent and dedication of these athletes.
Learning about football players and their clubs can be a fun and engaging activity that can help you learn in a playful way.
Here are some tips for playing the quiz:

Pay attention to the details of the picture, such as the player’s jersey number, hair color, and facial features.
Think about the player’s nationality and the clubs that he or she has played for in the past.
If you’re stuck, try to narrow down your choices by eliminating the clubs that you know the player doesn’t play for.
I hope you enjoy this fun and educational video!

#fcbarcelona #realmadrid #bayernmunich #spain

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TOP 12 Best PLAYMAKERS In The World | Messi and Other GOATs

While forwards may always be in the headlines, the world’s best playmakers are typically the most revered within a team. It is with this romantic core that we examine the planet’s top playmakers – in this list, we delve into the traditional midfield maestros who act as the sparks that create scoring opportunities…12 Best Playmakers in the World Right Now!
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00:00 – Introduction
00:29 – Number 12: Thomas Muller
01:17 – Number 11: Piotr Zelinski
01:55 – Number 10: Bruno Guimaraes
02:46 – Number 9: Jamal Musiala
03:25 – Number 8: Pedri
04:29 – Number 7: Bruno Fernandes
05:07 – Number 6: Daichi Kamada
05:31 – Number 5: Ryad Mahrez
05:57 – Number 4: Luka Modric
06:52 – Number 3: Kevin De Bruyne
07:31 – Number 2: Martin Odegaard
08:18 – Number 1: Lionel Messi
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#Football #GOAT #Playmakers

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