"CLASSY" Alonso to Liverpool, Salah to Saudi? & Reasons for Gerrard woes at Villa | Gary McAllister

Former Leicester, Leeds, Coventry, Liverpool & Scotland midfielder Gary McAllister joined Big Sam and Natalie Pike for the latest episode of No Tippy Tappy Football.

With long-standing ties to the red side of Merseyside and following the huge announcement from Jurgen Klopp, Gary shared his exclusive insight into the current favourite to be Liverpool’s next manager, Xabi Alonso. Gary and Sam also discuss what this may mean for some of Liverpool’s current stars, including Mo Salah and Virgil van Dijk.

Other topics covered include Leeds United’s promotion chances and how Scotland will get on this summer at the Euros…

All of this and more in the latest episode of the No Tippy Tappy Football series, brought to you by William Hill.

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00:00 – Intro
01:13 – Gary introduction, talks his first memory of Sam
02:00 – Sam talks playing against Trevor Francis
03:15 – Gary on Bolton days and having beers after matches
04:38 – Gary analyses Leeds United, their current form and Championship play-offs
07:30 – Can Ipswich Town get promoted back to the Premier League after all these years?
08:56 – Gary on deciding not to go Saudi Arabia with Steven Gerrard
10:30 – What’s Gary’s next job?
12:05 – Sam on visit Karl Robinson at Salford City FC and Salford University
15:01 – Jurgen Klopp’s leaving announcement and Liverpool’s future
17:55 – Jude Bellingham’s decision to go to Real Madrid over Liverpool
18:35 – Who’s the next one in line, Xabi Alonso? Roberto De Zerbi?
20:55 – The effect of Jurgen Klopp leaving, is the backroom staff following?
22:15 – Gary’s view on Steven Gerrard taking over Liverpool
24:00 – John McGinn’s leadership at Aston Villa and Scotland
27:40 – Gary believes Mohamed Salah will stay at Liverpool
29:20 – Virgil van Dijk’s progress from Celtic to Southampton to Liverpool
32:31 – Gary previews Scotland’s chances at the 2024 Euros
38:28 – Sam thinks Marcus Rashford is the only one to sort his own situation out
45:15 – Stories of players who enjoyed a glass of wine
50:05 – Michael Beale’s progress at Sunderland
52:10 – Will Steven Gerrard work in the Premier League again?
55:08 – Promotion race at the Championship

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