17 mayo, 2019

Woolworth’s Achieve Guinness World Record For Largest Ever Pass The Parcel

On December 9th 2010 it was confirmed by the Guinness World Records that the world’s largest game of pass the parcel had taken place in London the preceeding day. The giant parcel was passed through various towns and cities in the UK over a two-week tour which covered some 1000 miles along the way.

The event was instigated by online store Woolworths.co.uk, whose snowmen mascots accompanied the parcel on its travels. The layers of wrapping were peeled away to unveil 100s of toys and other gifts topping the wish lists of Christmas 2010. Some of the prizes included Fur Real Pets, Jet Pack Buzz Lightyears, and V Tech video cameras.

The previous record was held by the New West End Company, whose parcel was opened on Oxford Street, London on the 23rd May 2009. The recent record-breaking stunt far surpassed this however, with a game of pass the parcel which began in Liverpool, before travelling through cities in Scotland and Wales and coming to a close in Manchester where the central prize was revealed: X-Factor stars Jedward dressed as Jet Pack Buzz Lightyears – the predicted number one toy for Christmas 2010.

Woolworths recently closed all of their stores as a result of debts of approximately £385 million. The last of the outlets closed in January 2009. The latest publicity success of the company however demonstrate the resurgence of the one-time high street giant.

The UK tour was organised according to nominations of local families who entered into the competition to unwrap the parcel. The record was confirmed by the official adjudicator present at the beginning of the event. Woolworths.co.uk were awarded the record following the receipt of the official documentation gathered throughout the tour.

For those looking to geth their names in the World Records, it would appear that the next step would be a game of pass the parcel which took place throughout Europe rather than just the UK. However, sending parcels to europe can be tricky enough without trying to deliver a package the size of a car (or bigger) across the continent.

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